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Our gallery is filled with selected global artists’ artworks which are meant for a visually literate audience. Paintings, sculptures, installations of different genre and new media works are of outstanding nature in execution and content

Moon Space Art Gallery provide display assistance, pre and post exhibition activities, and infrastructural support including framing and presentation. We help with planning and mounting of works with state-of-the-art facilities.

We organize solo and group shows by reputed international visual artists, as well as other cultural and art forms. We also organise workshops, discourses, and in-house programs providing a platform for dialogue between art and culture covering global contemporary trends. 


Seeking the Source

By Natalie Atkinson
15th September 2020  – 15th January 2021

Moonspace art gallery presents ‘Seeking the Source’ An online art exhibition curated by Natalie Atkinson from 15th sept 2020 to 15th January 2021.





Rendezvous is our first International Group Show by outstanding artists . This show displays the works of artists from Europe, US, and Asia. The genre consists of new ideas and medium based experiments. 

Participating Artists:

EH Pushkin, George Martin, Margaret Lanzetta, Marc Thébault, Michele Woody B.A,
Murali CheerothPradeep PuthoorSambhavi Singh, Shibu NatesanTensing Joseph
 Zakkir Hussain


Far and Near

By Tensing Joseph
Postponed, 2nd October 2020  | 7:00 PM

Our second exhibition named ‘Far and Near’ showcase the selected works of Tensing Joseph, an accomplished Indian contemporary artist who works in varied mediums, and in unique trajectory, both in content and style. 

Tensing Joseph Show Image