George Martin was born in Kerala in 1973. He studied sculpture  in the college of Fine Arts, Thiruvanthapuram for his bachlers degree and meritoriously completed  the course in 1998. He then obtained a Master’s degree from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, in 2001.George martin recieved many prestigious recognitions and awards from the begining of his career as an artist of  great promise.  Art India Magazine’s promising Artist Award in 2005; Fellowship from the Vice –Versa Foundation and Shanguyan Museum, China in 2013; Kashi Visual Art Award in 2005 etc.are some among them. He has also received a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in 2000,  and in 1995 the Highly Commended citation from Lalit Kala Academy, Kerala. 

His works  has been exhibited at important museums, institutions, art residencies as group and solos all over the world besides at venues of repute  in India.