Born in 1962 in Kerala, India, Tensing graduated in Fine arts from College of Fine arts kerala, Trivandrum in 1986, and then pursued  MFA, also in sculpture from Viswa bharati university, santiniketan. He began to exhibit his art from his student years and since then has been regularly showing his ouvre in major curated shows both in national and international art events. Important group shows in which the artist was part of includes 37th and 43rd National exhibitions of art conducted by National Lalitkala Akademi ; International Art fair, Nanky DC Vreeze, Stokholm, Sweedon;Royal Cultural Centre, London ;Moscow Biennale, Russia and Birla art gallery kolkata etc. Tensing Joseph has shown his seminal works as in half a dozon solo shows across India including at galleries in kolkata, New Delhi, Santiniketan, Varanasi and Trivandrum. 


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